Payment to be paid 1 month at a time and paid the first week of every month in order to hold your assigned practice slot. No exceptions. Triple Crown is to be informed at payment if a team will miss a practice slot during that given month.


Call for team information, new scheduling software coming soon.


Team Rules

  • Supervision is Required
    The coach is responsible for behavior of all members of team; including parents, siblings, etc.  Coach or Asst. Coach must remain with the team during the entire practice.  Players or teams that are left unattended will be asked to leave the practice area.

  • Waivers Required
    Parents and other non-participants are not allowed in the cages unless designated by the coach. EVERYONE who goes into the cages, regardless of age and/or participation, must have a signed liability waiver on file with Triple Crown BSG.

  • No Food On Turf
    No food (including sunflower seeds), beverages, tobacco or chewing gum may be brought on any turf surface.

  • Stay In Cages
    All practice must be within a cage area.  NO DRILLS in walkways and/or outside of cages.

  • Helmets Required
    All Batters must wear helmets when hitting in a cage.  This includes tee work.

  • Adults Must Supervise Machines
    A pitching machine operator must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Catcher's Wear Masks
    Catchers in a squatting position must wear a protective mask.

  • Clean Up Cages
    Please pick up all balls, ball buckets and tees and return them to the wall by the end of your designated practice time.  Leave space as you found it.

  • Start On Time, End On Time
    Please use only the space and time you have reserved.  Players and teams taking extra time or space will be charged.  This includes arriving early and going into practice area before designated time.  Only members are allowed in cages prior to practice.

  • We Are Not Your Parents
    Please pick up after yourselves and remove all trash from the playing area as well as the sitting area.
  • Ask For Help
    Machines and mounds to be moved by Triple Crown employees only.Report all missing or damaged equipment to Triple Crown immediately.